Self-Care for Stepmoms

stepmomcircles3 Listen up ladies, this episode of Stepmom Circles is an important one for you to hear! Pilar Gerasimo, the editor of Experience Life magazine, a whole life health and wellness magazine talks about how important self-care is for stepmoms.

You all know how important it is to take care of yourselves. I do, too. But I had no clue how bad it is for our bodies when we don't do things we love to do! You'll learn how important it is to increase the pleasurable experiences in your life. And if you're living in a high-stress stepfamily situation, then you really need to listen to this and put the advice you'll hear into practice right away!

During the interview we discuss a few articles that ran in Experience Life. Here they are for your reference: Take Care of Yourself and A Real Pleasure.

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